I'll just warn you now, I don't know how to use a computer - usagi

My name is Iris and I am a Web Developer in her late 20’s based in New Zealand. This site is my earliest domain and has been home to my projects on the web since 2009.

I’ve been interested in coding and design since I was in my early teens but only recently made it my career. I still enjoy running my network of sites in my downtime and I’ve created many special memories over the years online.

When I’m not staring at code, I enjoy writing (fan fiction and some original fiction), drawing (watercolours, gouache and copic markers), reading (fantasy, romance and manga) and gaming (tabletop dungeons and dragons, Nintendo consoles and otome games). As you’ve noticed, mostly indoor, introvert stuff!

I studied Japanese at University for a year and a half before I dropped out to focus on my mental health. I’ve been slowly keeping up with my studies since then, with the occasional trip to Japan to cement the fact that my conversations will always be broken unless I make a more concerted effort!

I’m also an avid fan of figure skating, being introduced to following the sport by my mother, but it was only after watching Yuri!!! on Ice that I managed to find the whole online community devoted to following the sport through the competitive season and therefore other places to watch than simply hoping it would be aired on our sports channels un non-Olympic years.

For a more simplified view, here’s some of my interests in a list:


no matter how much you might change, don't forget those who care about you - usagi

This domain was registered on Aug 11, 2009 and is currently hosted by A Small Orange.

I first fooled around with HTML and CSS when I customised Neopets pages as a kid. When I was about 13 I got a little more serious about it and made fansites and shrines for my favourite characters and TV shows, hosted by places like Geocities. Eventually I stepped up and was hosted by a friend online for a short time before I eventually purchased a hosting plan and my own domain; this one.

The name All Alight came from a song in one of my favourite film franchises, Lord of the Rings. When Pippin sings a song for Denethor in Return of the King, he sings a version of Tolkien’s A Walking Song.

Home is behind, the world ahead,
And there are many paths to tread
Through shadows to the edge of night,
Until the stars are all alight.

The website originally hosted my joined and owned fanlistings, until I moved it to a different subdomain and this became the home of a then-unnamed network of fanlistings, trading card game logs and shrines. Most of this is gone now, lost to the internet void. Upon revamping a lot of my sites, I resurrected this site, gave it a new layout and christened the network the Shining Star Network after the last line in my favourite manga, Sailor Moon.

セーラームーン きみはきっと 永遠に不滅だ
永遠に一番美しく 輝く星だよ
Sailor Moon, you will surely be infinite,
The most beautiful shining star.

You are viewing the 3rd layout of the collective, featuring artwork from the Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Original Picture Collection Volume III from Manga Style! It was made in Sublime Text and Photoshop CC and optimised for Google Chrome. The background is from Subtle Patterns.


you will surely be infinite, the most beautiful shining star - mamoru


fanlisting collective

L'Arc en Ciel

trading card post

Whimsical Pictures

manga & doujinshi collection

Shut Up, Hank!

comic book collection


always in the end comes hope and rebirth - hotaru

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